A personal story

Hi, I'm Tiffany - Founder of Nascenti. I am a mother who gave birth just before the first lockdown in the UK in 2020, and I had a challenging pregnancy which took a toll on my physical and mental health. During the first lockdown when my little girl was just two months old I embarked on a baby massage course. Slowly but surely, I started to recover, connected with my daughter, and gradually became more confident in being a first time mother. Baby massage helped us get through the lockdowns, relaxed both me and my daughter, and provided a safe haven away from everyday stressors. I found baby massage to be so helpful in kickstarting the connection with my baby which led to us having an unbreakable bond today. The problem was I couldn't find a baby oil that was suitable for mine and my baby's sensitive skin. So I decided to make my own! I have put all my heart into making these oils so that parents will not have to worry about safety, sensitivity or the environmental impact of the products. Becoming a mother was life-changing, but I am determined to put my challenges to good use by creating a product that will benefit many mothers, whether current or future!

The Nascenti Story