Ingredients + Benefits

At Nascenti we use plant based, organic ingredients, free from parabens, sulphates, and artificial fragrances. For our relaxing baby massage oil blend, we use high grade pure essential oils blended with organic plant based carrier oils to create a soothing, calming blend ideal for bedtime or bonding. For our sensitive baby massage oil, we use plant based organic carrier oils to improve oil mobility and facilitate massage for sensitive skin, including skin prone to eczema flare ups or dermatitis. Our ingredients and benefits are listed below: 

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil 

Jojoba oil accounts for 50% of the Jojoba seed. It is extracted through cold-pressing and mimics the skin's natural sebum and subsequently does not clog pores. it is a highly emollient plant oil, golden in colour and excellent for moisturising newborn skin. Jojoba oil slows down Trans-epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and has strong molecular bonds, making it ideal for long, regular strokes in massage treatments. It has a slightly nutty aroma, and is excellent for blending with other oils to create a natural, golden massage oil blend. It is excellent for skincare due to its high Vitamin E content, and its high Econisoic Acid content means it balances oil levels in the skin which leaves skin moisturised but not non-greasy. 


Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is impressed from the fruit/hips of the wild rose bush. It is high in Vitamin A which is excellent for skin care as it is a natural antioxidant. Rosehip oil contains high levels of Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids which are ideal for all skin types.  When blended with other oils, rosehip oil can create beneficial synergy to create a blend that glides over the skin - it absorbs into the skin quickly meaning it is non-greasy, and when blended with oils such as apricot kernel or golden jojoba it creates a moisturising but mobile massage oil. 

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil 

Apricot kernel oil is made by cold-pressing the stone of a ripe, organic apricot. Apricot kernel is a staple oil for any massage blend due to its emolient and light texture. It is a mild oil which is ideal for sensitive skin, and is high in Vitamin E. 

Liquid Coconut Oil (Fractionated)

Odourless liquid coconut oil is less dense than solid coconut oil & ideal for baby massage. It is an excellent emollient with high absorption capacity and does not stain sheets. It is less greasy than solid coconut oil, and stable against oxidisation as the fatty acids are removed. This makes it a more durable and robust oil for baby massage. It does not clog pores, prevents TEWL and leaves skin feeling soft and conditioned. 

Organic Sweet Almond Oil 

A highly emollient plant oil full of vitamin A and E, sweet almond oil balances absorption of moisture and water loss, is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich, and contains omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. It is an excellent choice for sensitive newborn skin due to its beneficial ingredients and moisturising nature. 

Organic Pure Essential Oils

Organic lavender and chamomile essential oils are blended together in our relaxing baby massage oil. Both oils have calming and anti-inflammatory properties, aid sleep, and promote relaxation. We use low, safe dilution amounts to ensure the oils are safe but significant.