Nascenti FAQs

1. Are the products certified and tested?

Yes, each product with any cosmetic function has been tested and subject to the official CPSR process. They have also been stability tested, assuring maximum safety and to produce the use-by dates. 

2. Are the products suitable for sensitive skin?

 Yes. Where products have essential oils, we use the lowest possible dilution rate of essential oils to ensure safety. We also use only Organic products, free from Sulfates or Parabens. The oils used for blends are hypoallergenic and they are ultimately the best choices for sensitive skin. 

3. Are the oils safe for newborns?

Yes. As stated above, we have designed the oils with newborns in mind especially in the very early stages of life where bonding is most crucial. 

4.  What is your refund policy?

We cannot accept returns on the oils once they are opened as they are no longer sterile. However, please contact us if there is any issue with damage to the bottles. 

5. What makes you different from any other baby oil manufacturer?

The reason that Nascenti was started was because I (Tiffany, Founder) couldn't find any baby oil out there which was suitable for mine and my daughter's sensitive skin. There were organic options, but I felt that the ingredients were not of the highest quality. I can safely say that each Nascenti oil has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients and with sensitivity in mind. Ultimately, I would not offer anything to you unless I felt it was safe myself, and something I would use for me and my family.